Ven’s Circa ’16



Circa ’16  is my representation of enlightenment. The first track illustrates a cloudy state of mind, over-saturated with thoughts and emotions, while the final track emphasizes clarity and false boundaries. Without these “boundaries,” we can experience the boundless: the eternal, silent, serene, creative source-presence within all of us.


To me, enlightenment is a realization that we are not without within.


Aristotle once said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Ven is a living testament to this quote. The 25 year-old from Boston is not just another conscious rapper, but is rather quite literally an illustrator of his own state of consciousness. His debut album, Circa ’16, emphasizes self-awareness, meditation, and enlightenment. From cloudiness to clarity, Ven serves as both a guide and study model to the listener, not just through an album, but on a journey through one’s own self.