color one

If GodFace has color
it’s where atoms are empty . . .
unseen/beholdingly : radiating
brainbow prisms
                    liberatingly : self-recognized
where I AM is one color : clarity
(unstained linguistically):
self-meditative effortless deLight
                                  that’s not lazy—
empty-atom field       
                            Garden E stability:
unexpelled by ego-stuck
                                        dust-to-dust destiny,
GodFace color clarity
                               undammed by scenery;
beautiful or ugly mind-mirrors reflect
stainlessly : sudden-access quality
in-hearing silently : thought-free
                                           secret mantra
understanding edgelessly : entering
GodSpace so fast it’s I AM already:
I AM actually, clear through egoity.

So why say ‘enter’ at all?

It’s [your] discovery : color one embracing
GodSky/mindcloud(s) centrally—
where it’s clarity it celebrates diversity
(each one intimately) ‘tween the temples
GodSpace color of
                                 no post or pre : deLight
dry as GodSun now
                               immersing five-sense sea.

What color is GodFace?  Is it compatible with diversity? The poem “color one” attempts to answer these questions
and simultaneously connect readers with authentic ecstatic enlightenment.

It’s no secret that his name is Ken Goodman, but
(when ecstatic meditation mates with poetry creation)
he writes under the pen name of ‘yours truly, the happy recluse.’
And he does it in Cleveland.