“I Listen” by Milla Coryell

I sit on the bank of a bubbling stream
I listen
To the stream to the birds to the people
I listen
I can feel heat I can smell the grass
I can taste the popcorn we brought
I see all these things
I can feel I can taste I can see I can smell
All is well
I listen

We went to a park, and I went to sit by the stream with my notebook, and I looked at the stream and got the idea. The idea grew, and then, I got this poem.

Milla Coryell is 10 years old. She likes to draw, write, be outside, and ride horses. Her dream is to become a famous horse rider and to write poetry for fun. She started writing stories and poems a year ago. She has her own invisible worlds and shares some with her sister. Her invisible horse, Stormy, and her other invisible horses and pets, come with her everywhere and are sometimes in her poems and stories.