“A Place For Us” by Willa Grey


“A Place For Us” by Willa Grey


I wrote this song in the days following the election when I saw the trouble the country was facing from its lack of empathy and inability to communicate. Enlightenment came for me when I decided to make art that could communicate and move people, regardless of their politics. I wanted to experience solidarity and to extend an invitation to embrace our best nature.


The song quickly became a collaboration of many people and artists. The chorus is simple, many voices repeating again and again with growing numbers and conviction, “There’s a place for us, there’s a place for us, there’s a place for us…” Enlightenment for me, is continuing to do what I can to remind people of our shared humanity and our best selves, remaining hopeful that it will awaken empathy and connection.


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Willa Grey is a writer and musician–a rootless vagabond of sorts–traveling here and there in search of broader perspectives and her better self.