“Tasha Yar At Her Best” by Shanti Weiland, published in Cahoodaloodaling, Issue 27: Joy Sticks, Fall 2018



“What’s in a Name: Picard Calls Lt. Barclay ‘Broccoli'” by Shanti Weiland, published in Valley Voices, V18, N1, Spring 2018 Women Poets: A Special Issue



“Church of Sister Nun” by Shanti Weiland, from Sister Nun



“Medusa’s Slumber Party” by Shanti Weiland, published in the Kerf, Fall 2012



“Sister Nun Faces a Sidewinder” by Shanti Weiland from Sister Nun



“Werewolf” by Shanti Weiland, from Sister Nun



“Bitch” by Carolyn Kizer (Read by Shanti Weiland)



“Our Mothers” by Shanti Weiland, published in Two Cities Review, Issue 5, Spring 2015



“Dormant Trigger” by Shanti Weiland, was the poetry contest winner in Bop Dead City, Issue 9, Escape, December 2014



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“Earth” Imitation Fruit, Issue 5, November 2009



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“Match”  MadHat Lit, Winter 2015



“Interfaith Relationship” Words Dance Publishing, 10/4/16



“Immortality” from Sister Nun



“Defect”  Third Wednesday, Summer 2014



“Virginity” from Sister Nun



“The Dissection” from Sister Nun



“Where No One Has Gone Before” from Sister Nun