Christians and Buddhists and Pagans, Oh My!

“Interfaith Relationship”  is one of those poems that begs the question, “Did this really happen?” For those of you who know that I’ve been dating a clergy person for the last several years, you may be picturing quite the domestic scene! However, I rarely write a purely autobiographical poem. In this poem, I was interested … Read more Christians and Buddhists and Pagans, Oh My!

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Eat Your Heart Out: True Love Ain’t for the Weak

There is a story of a saint in India named Mirabai, who lived in the 16th century. As a child, she saw a wedding procession outside her window and asked her mother who would be her bridegroom. Her mother humored the girl, pointing to a small statue of Krishna. “There is your husband! Gopala himself. … Read more Eat Your Heart Out: True Love Ain’t for the Weak


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